OUGD301 - End of Module Evaluation

Posted: Wednesday, 15 December 2010 | Posted by Adam Townend | Labels: ,

First and foremost this module has been everything from challenging, and exciting, to frustrating and eventful. I come out of the module with some pieces I am proud of, and others that I know I could have done better with. I put in the maximum amount of time and effort I could, so I am pleased from that point of view.

Looking back at my rationale, I think I have stayed true to what I wanted and set out to do. My focus throughout the module was on typography and layout, and although I had a variety of briefs which required different deliverables I never really strayed away from that primary focus. I felt I experimented well enough with printing processes and finishes such as screen printing, embossing and foiling, but I didn't put all of them into action in my final pieces, which would have just added an extra dimension to my work.

I stayed true to the type of work I wanted to do, and selected appropriate briefs, which allowed me to do that. I did however, in the end, set out to do too much. With that in mind, I feel I spent too much time in the early stages refining (element brief) that I lost a chunk of time on my other briefs (Premier League).

I do think that my start to the year hindered my progress in the latter stages, however, it did encourage me to make decisions quickly, and put myself under pressure. That meant that I had to work quicker than I usually would but I wouldn't let the quality of my work slip particularly on the Arkitekt and Premier League briefs.

I had a first taste of working outside my comfort zone in the Late Music brief I did, given to me by Richard at Creative Squeeze and I enjoyed designing for the event. Working within that set of restrictions helped me to focus on the things I could expand on. I couldn't play around too much with the formats but I could choose the appropriate colours and typefaces to really sell the events. I'd certainly like to do more live work like the work I did for Late Music and build on what I did for Screen Yorkshire, and Urban Outfitters in the future.

I've also had first hand experience of relying on collaborations. I had intended to use some work of another photographer in the college but after numerous conversations he never delivered the goods I needed. I came through that by using my time effectively to source other images and got everything done on time. I did however, have some good experiences when sourcing imagery I used both a German and Spanish photographers work on two of my briefs who allowed me to use their work free of charge.

I would say that this module has been a success, because I have applied myself fully, and I have got out of it what I wanted, a few good pieces of work for my portfolio, and some issues to address.