ISTD Brief - theme/concept development

Posted: Monday, 13 December 2010 | Posted by Adam Townend | Labels: ,

I chose to go with the journey of the narrative of the back to the future film. It's a film that has been watched throughout my childhood and is good from a cult point of view too. Very popular film and recognisable.

I started out thinking of developing some sort of mind map across the years that the Doc and Marty time travelled too and cross linking relationships and events with quotes and ideas/theories.

This could get very complex and may not be suitable for such a short brief.

I also came up with this idea of using a dot to dot style mapping system and using the iconic Dolorean as the image map.

This sounds more workable for the time I have.

I also thought of another mind map which stems from hill valley and makes connections between characters and objects, and linking them all together.

This could get quite confusing however.